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Lead Management

  • TenaciousSales is a Lead management software for Sales Lead Tracking. Leads can be added through various sources.
  • TenaciousSales helps you manage, organize, assign, track and follow your leads to the appropriate sales person so they can be followed up on and qualified instantly.
  • Optionally, you can also specify follow up tasks in lead comments and set reminders for leads.

Lead Management

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Lead Conversion Flow

  • TenaciousSales automatically converts leads based on their status and start and end time.
  • If a lead is added but not followed upon, TenaciousSales makes sure you do not miss it out. Save time managing your sales pipeline with one-step lead conversion between sales stages.

Import and Export Leads

  • Acquire leads directly in your Tenacious Sales account by importing, or creating leads manually.
  • Existing leads can be inserted into your TenaciousSales account by importing an excel sheet directly.
  • By exporting your leads, you can generate an excel (.xls) file for leads of your TenaciousSales account.

Import and Export Leads

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Mobile App

  • With TenaciousSales mobile App, you can manage sales leads all along. Access TenaciousSales using mobile apps for iOS and Android to complement the robust web application.
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