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How to Import Contact List in Tenacious Sales - CRM?

Admin or salesperson can maintain contact list in tenacious sales account. He/she can manually add contact details. For so many contacts it is very long process to add contact manually. Tenacious sales has one feature to import contacts. All contact details can be save in one .xlsx file and through file contacts can be import to tenacious sales account.

Steps to import contacts in tenacious sales account are:

  • Login to account with tenacious sales as an admin or salesperson
  • Go to Newsletter
  • Go to Import Contacts
  • One sample file of .xlsx will be there
  • Download sample file
  • Add firstname, emailid & save .xlsx file
  • Click on Choose File
  • Upload saved .xlsx file
  • Click on Next
  • Adjust filed names with the appropriate column names of the source file
  • Click on Save

All contacts will be added to account successfully. Admin or salesperson can use contacts for many operations.

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