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How to Sign up as an Admin in Tenacious Sales - CRM?

Hello. A very warm welcome to tenacious sales team. tenacious sales is developed to help sales people, sales managers and companies to manage their sales leads. If you don't have an account on tenacious sales yet then you can create new account with few easy steps.

We are providing free trial version for one month. If you want to create new trial account then follow below steps:

  • Brows our website from www.tenacioussales.com
  • Click on Try Free
  • Fill all details required to open account i.e. User Name , Email-id, Password, Country and contact number
  • Log in to your email account which you have register for tenacious sales account. You will receive one mail for confirmation of
    registration on tenacious sales
  • Click on Confirm registration link provided in the mail. link will redirect you to signing page of tenacious sales
  • Login to your account of tenacious sales using your register email-id and password
  • Click on Log in as admin
  • Set your time zone

Here you go. Your account as admin is ready. You will be able to use this account free for one month. Expand and manage your business with tenacious sales.

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