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How to Add and Verify Email-id to Send Mail from Tenacious Sales - CRM?

If you want to send any mail to lead for information or to particular group of people or to single person then you must have your From email id register with your tenacious sales account through which you can send mail. With tenacious sales account you have to register from email id to send mails with few simple steps.

Steps to add and verify email id to send mails:

  • Login to your account as admin or sales person
  • Go to Newsletter
  • Go to Send Mail from newsletter
  • Click on + button beside the From Email
  • One pop up will be open
  • Enter Display Name and Email Id from which you want to send mail (Note: Please make sure that the email id which you are registering is exist.)
  • Click on Verify
  • Open email account of email id which you have register
  • Verification mail will be sent to register email id
  • Click on Verify Email in received mail
  • Click on Allow

And email id is register to your tenacious sales account as your From Email.

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